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Adrian Payne
Frontend Engineer

Who am I?

Adrian spends most of his time being a Senior Frontend Engineer in Hamburg. When he's not doing that, he likes to sing and play hurling with Hamburg GAA.

What I write about

Why the domain?

I'm a frontend developer and I'm from Ireland :)

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Recent Blog Posts

If you've ever tried to mock a Google Places services response by copy-pasting a real response, with the aim of catching the request in Cypress intercept and returning that response in a fixture, you'll likely have received an error in your test run.

Ever had a project where you've needed to run multiple services in multiple terminals? Typing all those gulp, grunt, or npm commands can get tedious. Let's learn how to automate it with AppleScript!

Here we'll learn how to create a sprite sheet based animation for a Tiny Tower inspired character using CSS Animation and the steps() timing function.

No-nonsense guide on how to replace standard pre-processor tasks using just NPM. No Grunt. No Gulp. Just package.json. Yes - it's possible! You've come here because you've heard the buzz about replacing pre-processors like Grunt or Gulp with straight up NPM and you want to find out more.